1. Phenom FAQs:
  2. What kind of personal data does Phenom collect?
  • Phenom collects personal identification data, including your name, username, phone number, and email when you use the app.
  1. What other types of data does Phenom collect?
  • Phenom collects other activity data, including information about events you share and your location data.
  1. Does Phenom access the content of messages sent through the app?
  • Yes, Phenom can access and analyze the events and messages you send to your teammates within the app.
  1. Does Phenom collect device information?
  • Yes, Phenom collects device information, including hardware and software model and the operating system (e.g., Android or iOS).
  1. Why does Phenom need to collect user data?
  • Phenom collects user data to improve the user experience, enhance app features, fix bugs, and keep the app running smoothly.
  1. How long does Phenom store user data?
  • The duration of data storage varies. Basic information like email, name, and phone number is stored as long as you keep the app. Other data may be kept for at least 180 days or as long as needed by Phenom, and it is deleted when you deactivate your account.
  1. Does Phenom share user data with third-party apps and plugins?
  • Phenom allows authorized third-party apps, trusted developers, to access essential information like name and email. Unauthorized apps may pose a risk to your personal information.
  1. How can I stop Phenom from accessing my information?
    • Limit the amount of data you share on the app.
    • Set your phone to “Ask for Permission” mode to control app access to your information.
    • Stay updated with Phenom’s privacy policy changes.
    • Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) for enhanced online privacy.
    • Use Anonymous mode, which limits the Personal Identification Data (PID) Other teammates can see about you as an individual
  1. How do i delete my Phenom account? Just go to Useraccount@phenom.earth and ask that your account be deleted with with the email you use for your Phenom Account.
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