The Phenom app is committed to the act and process of educating the masses to what we discover. One of our primary goals is to cultivate hopeful environments and foster relationships that promote effective learning among our users. Through the Phenom app, we plan to create an atmosphere where education thrives. We shall strive to provide a platform that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and engagement through Education, Exposure and hopefully Experience with the unexplained phenomena we explore. By offering a range of exclusive content, including UFO sightings, paranormal activities, and cryptozoology, we will attempt to inspire users to delve deeper into these subjects and expand their knowledge.

We understand the significance of supportive relationships in the learning process. Within the Phenom app, we shall foster connections between like-minded individuals who share a common curiosity. By facilitating discussions, sharing insights, and encouraging collaboration, we will create an environment where users can learn from one another and form meaningful connections.

Join us on the Phenom app to experience the power of education in a hopeful environment. Together, we can cultivate relationships that enhance learning and deepen our understanding of unexplained phenomena.

It should be noted that the Phenom is intended to assist in the collection of first-hand data (like photos, testimonies, etc.), and is intended to make PHENOM the main point of contact for all observers wishing to report anomalous and unexplained sightings and events. Furthermore, it is meant to prove or disprove the existence of extraterrestrial life and identify unexplained phenomena worthy of further research.

This page will be dedicated Education about Unexplained Phenomena



Phenom shall gather information from all stakeholders, and other organizations, on how they handle UAP observations reported by the public. We plan to compare our current methods with others. So that through internal analysis, we will assess the current processes and recommend ways to improve our citizen science approach.

We are trying to educate ourselves and those around us. And we have many questions, please feel free to let know you own questions. 

Our list of questions is always growing, what question do you have

Some examples of the questions we would like answered are:

How many Unexplained Phenomena (UP) observations are reported in Country X each year? And is there an increase or decrease?

What country has the best UP reporting procedure and processes?

Who are witnesses contacting?

What can the older generation tell us and teach us?

How can we help the younger generation, who are already experiencers?

How can we identify the neuro-divergent and savant’s that are also experiencers?

Do the neuro-divergent and savants have a place in this adventure?

When reporting, what information is provided/requested?

What critical information is missing?

What is done with the collected information?

Is there a follow-up with individuals who have reported observations?

Was there a different approach in the past?

Any suggestions to improve data collection and analysis?

Where should witnesses report their observations?

World-wide, what government or public facing organizations would you trust or not trust?

Do you have equipment that collects information on activities in the sky?

What type of equipment would you recommend?

Do you have highly qualified personnel that could support interpretation efforts?

What is the best approach to get universities and colleges involved?

How do we properly fund and push academic research?

What are reasonable timelines and deliverables to provide answers to the masses on special projects or investigations?  Weekly, monthly quarterly, yearly……

Phenom plans to continually collect information, on an ongoing basis and try to provide quarterly and yearly reports…


Please read our Mission Statement regarding information on the Grand Experiment and on Phenom, the Game.   More to Come

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