Chichester & New Zealand Contact Case (Part 4) – Beings, Abductions, UFOs, Implant, Paranormal

The next instance of a UFO-type sighting happened when Caspian was once again being driven to his aunt and uncle’s house in Fishbourne. It was about midday, and they had just crossed the bridge over Centurion Way, driving up Old Broyle Road on the B2178.

Suddenly, Caspian noticed an oval-shaped object fly over the road ahead of them and disappear behind the trees to his left as they sped past them. Its underside was dark, while the top of the object was a light silver-grey. He asked his grandmother if she’d also seen it, but she was completely focused on driving and hadn’t been paying attention to what was passing by overhead; she’d only registered it as being some sort of plane.


Wistaston Contact Case – Greys, Abduction, UFO Sighting, Missing Time, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/10/2020

Last Updated: 11/10/2020

In August 2020 I got in touch with Joe via our Facebook community page after coming across a conversation by him about his contact experiences. A number of years ago he got in touch with another UFO group and provided them with a testimonial statement, but this is the first time that his experiences have been written up in depth.

The incidents all occurred between 1983 and 1984 when he was 9-10 years old. For many years he had forgotten all about them. They would have probably remained unknown if it wasn’t for the conversation which he had in 2007 with his stepson’s girlfriend Racheal. Joe and his partner at the time had invited them over for some drinks. During the evening the conversation turned to paranormal activity. Racheal described a number of ghost encounters she had witnessed. She then asked Joe whether anything strange had ever happened to him. At first he simply said that he had never seen anything. But Racheal pressed him, getting him to really give it some thought.

Joe thought hard back to his childhood, and suddenly an incident which had occurred near to his home came to his mind. Then within a moment everything came flooding back! He recalled experience after experience, all of which took place around the same period of time in his life. In this report these incidents will be covered in depth.

The Old Lady

Back in 1983 Joe lived in a house on Mulberry Road in Wistaston, Crewe. Although later in his life he moved away from the address, his parents retained ownership of the property.